A vertically integrated ship-owning company specialising in Stainless Steel Chemical tankers since the early 90s, We conduct our own commercial and technical management. We are now a wholly owned subsidiary of Sogestran Group 

The company was started by the De Poli family in the 90s and there was slow and steady expansion. In 2020 the Team Tanker Stainless fleet was acquired along with investment from Sogestran. In 2022 the company has now become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sogestran Group headquartered in Le Havre, France.

On the other side our Spanish office had in fact started life as Naviera Quimica. Our company and fleet is now carrying that legacy as well with our new name.

Apart from Maritime Transportation the Sogestran Group has businesses in Inland Navigation, Intermodal Transportation as well as Industrial Services. More information can be found on the website.

Fun fact - our vessels are in the process of changing names and carry the names of flowers in Latin. The first one is christened NQ Magnolia, with the NQ Alpinia to follow shortly.